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What is Kundan Jewellery?

Kundan jewellery is an Indian jewelry that is made from gold and decorated with gemstones. The word Kundan means “pure gold” in Hindi, and the jewelry is typically made from 22 or 24 karat gold.

Kundan jewelry is a very exclusive kind of jewelry crafted with glass pieces which are embedded in gold to create unforgettable masterpieces.


Kundan is also the best jewelry option for brides as it very naturally adds to the magnificence of a bride and multiplies the look to another level and matches the bridal outfits, like no other.

In Kundan, there are ones that are moulded in pure gold and also ones that are artificial Kundan jewellery.

We have a variety of bridal Kundan jewelry sets for online shopping, we have Kundan necklace, Kundan earrings, Bangles, maang tikkas, naths etc.

How is Kundan Jewellery Made?

Kundan jewelry is made by setting small pieces of glass or gemstones on a metal surface and then gold or silver is applied to the setting to hold it in place.

Kundan Jewellery Frame
Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewelry is made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Kundan neck sets are popular for their intricate designs and gemstones. Quality is always a concern for online customers.

Necklace Frame

The Kundan jewelry is made by using quality artificial American diamonds, gems stones and Kundan. The prices and quality of the Kundan jewelry are both best here. The availability of Kundan jewelry in foreign countries makes it a good choice for those looking for a Kundan necklace.

Different Types of Kundan Jewelry

There are many varieties of Kundan jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The most popular Kundan jewelry is the Kundan necklace, which is often worn by brides in India. Kundan jewellery is an Indian piece of jewelry that is popular in the United States.

Kundan Choker Set

Kundan jewellery sets are available online and can be customized to suit the bride’s style. The Kundan necklace is known for its natural beauty and adds elegance to any bridal outfit.

Materials Used to Make Kundan Jewellery

Gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones are all used to make Kundan jewellery. The stones are set in a gold or silver base, and then the entire piece is encrusted with gems in a traditional Indian style.

Kundan jewellery is made with a variety of materials, including gold foil and silver. Kundan jewellery is not made with original gold or silver, but is instead plated with a finish. There is no guarantee of shining in Kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry goes well with bridal lehenga cholis and other traditional Indian wedding wear items.

Kundan jewellery is made with different materials, including gold. This jewellery can be paired with Indo western dresses. Kundan rings and bracelets can be worn separately or together to create an amazing look.

Tips to Care for Kundan Jewellery Sets

  1. Store your kundan jewelry sets in a jewelry box or pouch.
  2. Keep them away from direct sunlight.
  3. Avoid contact with water.
  4. Gently wipe them with a soft cloth after use.

Choose Kundan Jewellery Sets That are Made of Gold.

Make sure to take care of your Kundan jewelry sets by cleaning them with a soft cloth and mild soap.

Don’t wear your Kundan jewelry sets while bathing or swimming, as they may get wet and tarnished.

Don’t expose your Kundan jewelry sets to direct sunlight, as this can cause them to lose their shine and colour.

Avoid wearing your Kundan jewelry sets if you have sensitive skin, as they may irritate it

Latest Party Wear Kundan Necklaces Designs and Kundan Earrings

Kundan jewelry is a popular choice for party wear. There are many different Kundan necklace designs and earrings to choose from. The quality of Kundan jewelry is good, and it can be paired with any outfit. Kundan necklaces and earrings are popular among party-goers. There are many different types to choose from. Choose a necklace and earrings that complement your outfit.

pachi necklace
Pachi Kundan Neck Set

Kundan Jewelry Set for Wedding Function

When buying expensive and long-lasting Kundan jewelry, you always want the best quality with assured longevity.

Choose from Bridal Kundan Sets to exquisitely crafted Bangles, Kundan Maang-tikkas, Beaded Earrings, etc.

Kundan Neck set

Get multicolored Kundan sets with a fusion of precious and semi-precious stones or go for lighter pearl creations with a silver or copper finish.

You can get Kundan jewelry online to destinations across India with the utmost ease, visit and order online at www.KhammaGhani.in. As you shop for Kundan sets and Kundan bridal jewelry online, take a moment to browse through the beautiful Indian outfits on display.

Jadtar Kangan
Kundan Kada

KUNDAN JEWELRY is traditionally worn with ethnic wear like Festive Sarees, Wedding Lehengas and Party Anarkalis

Choose The Right Jewelry Set for Your Wedding Function

Kundan jewelry is traditionally worn with ethnic wear like Festive Sarees, Wedding Lehengas and Party Anarkalis. Buy Indian Kundan jewelry online at KhammaGhani to enjoy the exciting range of options and reasonable cost on offer.

Choose from Bridal Kundan Sets to exquisitely crafted Bangles, Kundan Maang-tikkas, Beaded Earrings, etc.

pink jadau necklace
Kudan Necklace

Get multicolored Kundan sets with a fusion of precious and semi-precious stones or go for lighter pearl creations with a silver or copper finish. Kundan jewelry set is for a wedding function. The Kundan jewelry set comes in different colors and styles. Kundan jewelry set is the best seller in the new arrivals category.

Jadau pink mathapatti
Kundan Mathapatti

Pick The Right Color and Design

Kundan jewelry set is perfect for weddings. Kundan neck set, bangles, and waistbands are perfect additions to your attire. There are a variety of Kundan designs to choose from

Kundan Nath

Kundan jewelry is perfect for a wedding function. Kundan necklace, rings, and earrings are made with pure gold and are of good quality however on a higher prices range.

They can be paired up with traditional sarees or Indo western dresses to look beautiful.

Get The Perfect Size

Kundan jewelry is popular for wedding functions. There are different Kundan jewelry sets for different occasions.


Kundan neck set, bangles, and maang tikka are some of the most popular pieces of Kundan jewelry.

Kundan earrings are also a popular option among girls and women.

Shop From a Reliable Store

Kundan necklaces and earrings – We have simple neck sets, earrings, nath, maang tikka, sheeshphool, mathapatti, bengals, rani haar and also big Kundan bridal jewelry sets online for our buyers.

The brides can sport the chunky neck sets with their beautiful lehngas and make it a look to be spoken.

jadau earrings
Large Sized Kundan Earrings

Our bridal kundan jewelry sets online are a hit on our online shop and are shopped in numbers by our clients all across the country. In Kundan Earrings, we have a magnanimous variety from Chand Bali’s to Jhumka’s to studs and to really chunky pieces of earrings that can be worn alone and steal the show.

Our Earrings come with Kundan jewelry pearls and look royal and extremely exquisite with the embellished pearls. Kundan jewelry set is a bridal representation

Kundan rings and Kundan payals come in colors incorporated with Kundan to add to the glam

Kundan bangles and kundans can be worn together or alone

How to Choose The Right Piece of Kundan Jadtar Designs – Neck Set or Kundan Necklace Sets

When choosing the right piece of Kundan jewelry, it is important to consider what type of outfit you will be wearing it with, as well as your own personal style. It is also important to think about the occasion you will be wearing it to, and what kind of statement you want to make.

pachi kundan necklace
Pachi Kundan Choker Set

Kundan jewelry can be paired with any outfit. Generally, Kundan jewelry is made of good-quality gold. You can buy a Kundan neck set or a Kundan necklace set that easily fits any attire.

Kundan rings and bracelets are perfect for Indo western outfits.

Online Store Location to Buy Kundan Jadtar Designs Online at Lowest Price in India.

There are many websites where you can order kundan jewellery designs and products online. However, it is important to do your research and compare the cost before making an order to ensure you are getting the best deal. Another good approach is to check the stars. Star ratings and customer reviews helps in making good decision when you buy from websites like Amazon, Flipkart. Vendors generally don’t sell such jewelry due to 7 days return policy of these big websites. So you can always explore KhammaGhani. KhammaGhani is an online store for Imitation Kundan Jewelry and all other wedding jewelry.

Indian Jewellery kundan necklace
Pachi Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewelry is a form of glass and gemstone jewelry which is set between gold foils. Kundan jewelry has been a part of the Indian wedding tradition for a very long time. The fascination that people have for Kundan Jewellery dates back about 5000 years into the Indus Valley Civilization.

Where Can I Buy Kundan Jewellery Designs Online at Lowest Price in India?

Kundan jewelry is a popular item to buy in India.

Kundan Neckset

You can find the designs and products online at different websites. You can also purchase Kundan jewelry offline from shops across the country.