Wedding Jewellery: Get The Best Wedding Looks in 2022

Wedding jewellery plays an important role in every wedding, and it can elevate the bride’s look instantly. As a bride, it’s essential to choose the right accessory to look like a ravishing beauty at your wedding. To help you with the jewellery selection, we have come up with this article so continue to read to know more about the latest wedding jewellery designs

Latest Bridal & Wedding Jewellery Designs 2022

  1. Multi-Layered Necklace 
Moti necklace

Modern brides are ready to experiment with their bridal look with the latest wedding jewelry designs like multi-layered necklaces. These necklaces are a combination of trending and traditional accessory pieces that add a fusion look to the millennial bridal style. 

  1. Choker Styles 

The bridal choker set came a long way with the latest evolution, and you can either choose a polki style, a heavy studded choker with kundans. You can choose a bridal necklace set to match your wedding attire. 

khammaghani kundan necklace
KhammaGhani Necklace
  1. Classic Gold-Toned Jewellery
Gold look aad
Gold-Toned Aad Jewellery

Whatever the trend comes, the classic gold-toned wedding jewellery never goes out of style. A simple bridal gold necklace is a classic combo when you worn with your beautiful lehenga or wedding saree. 

  1. Floral Jewellery
Floral wedding Jewellery
Floral Jewellery

Bridal flower jewellery is now trending among Indian brides, and you could opt for these jewels at Mehendi or Haldi functions. It grabs people’s attention. Many intricate floral jewellery designs can be customized and you will look beautiful as ever. 

Dulhan Jewellery Set for wedding

Bridal jewellery has a unique meaning in India, and a bride’s appearance is heavily influenced by the type of jewellery she wears. Indian jewellery set for marriage is famous all over the world for its exquisite designs and availability in a broad range, and even people from all over the world like wearing Indian jewels on special occasions.

Here are the below pieces of Dulhan set for the wedding. 

  • Maang Tikka

With women’s increased desire to display a unique traditional style on their wedding day, this lovely piece of jewellery has made its way back into the Indian jewellery box. Tikka is placed in the centre parting of a woman’s hair to add beauty to their forehead. 

Maang Tikka Wedding Jewellery
Maang Tikka Wedding Jewellery

A heavier maang tikka will look excellent on a woman with a larger forehead, while a light delicate one will look good on a woman with a smaller forehead. A maang tikka usually comes with a bridal set to match the entire bridal jewellery set.

  • Earrings
Earrings Wedding Jewellery
Earrings Wedding Jewellery

Earrings go well with the bride’s neckpiece, and they look great together. If you don’t have one, you will look like you are missing something. You can choose from a variety of earrings, hefty or light, depending on your desire. Because earrings must be worn throughout the wedding ceremony, the piece should be chosen based on comfort. Choose stone studded and diamond earrings if your bridal gown or saree is in a pastel tone, and gold jewellery items if your gown is in a deeper tone.

  • Nath 
Rajputi Multicolor Nath
Rajputi Bridel Nath

Mughals introduced this wedding gold nath design into Indian culture, and it has since become a symbol of marital bliss. Nath is gaining more popularity these days, and classic motifs are becoming increasingly popular. Without a doubt, Nath is the most stunning piece of Indian jewellery. However, it’s difficult to determine whether it would suit every bride. It can be customised by selecting colours and metals that complement the bridal gown. 

  • Bangles
Red Burr Chura
Wedding Jewellery Chura

Bangles, the name alone appears to make a pleasant tinkling sound that every Indian bride loves to wear. A bride wears golden bangles on the auspicious day of the wedding, while in some traditions, coloured glass bangles are also required to be worn throughout the wedding ceremony. Bangles bridal sets come in several styles, including bridal gold bangle designs with diamond studs.

  • Finger Rings
Wedding Jewellery Ring
Wedding Jewellery Ring

Weddings rings are an important part of the wedding jewellery set. The bride is expected to wear her engagement ring as well as other jewels from her wedding set. A bride, on the other hand, can wear as many finger rings as she wants. Brides nowadays love to wear beautiful stone-studded rings that match the colour of their bridal gown. Gold rings appear to have fallen out of favor, and brides are increasingly opting for studded finger bands for everyday wear after marriage.

  • Anklet
Wedding Jewellery Payal
Wedding Jewellery Payal

In certain Indian traditions, an anklet or payal, as well as toe rings, are considered vital components of Indian bridal jewellery design. Both are considered auspicious and must be worn by Indian brides during the wedding ceremony as well as afterwards. It is one of the most noticeable characteristics of a married woman. However, it also adds more grace to the bride’s appearance than its traditional purpose.

  • Waistband

Waistbands had practically vanished, but they have suddenly resurfaced and are an important part of Indian bridal jewellery. Brides have started picking for a variety of waistbands based on their body structure, dress, and choice, ranging from heavy and broad to thinner.

Final words

A wedding is an important auspicious occasion that has to be celebrated and cherished by the bride. So, if you are a bride, try spending some time choosing the right wedding jewellery according to your wedding customs. Also, try wearing jewellery before your wedding events to look like an astonishing bride on your special day!!