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Chote Baisa Combo Jewellery Set

Product: Punchi, Aad, Bajuband, Hathpool, Nath, Earnings, Mathapatti, Loom

Colour In Red and Green

Age Upto 5 Years

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Rajputi Jewelry collection – a tribute to the timeless elegance and regal allure of Rajasthani culture. Each piece within this collection is a meticulously curated masterpiece, encapsulating the opulence and grandeur that define the esteemed Rajput dynasty.

At the heart of this collection, you’ll discover intricate necklaces that pay homage to Rajasthan’s rich heritage.

Adorned with faux Kundan stones, intricate meenakari work, and vibrant enamel detailing, these necklaces delicately grace your neckline, infusing your attire with sophistication and timeless charm.

Complementing these necklaces are an array of earrings, each adorned with jhumka designs that effortlessly capture the essence of tradition and beauty. Enriching the collection further are exquisite tikka designs, meticulously crafted to bestow a sense of regal allure upon your forehead.

Whether you prefer a delicate touch or an elaborate statement, each tikka exudes an aura of majesty.To complete your ensemble, our collection features bangles that seamlessly complement the overall design, adding a subtle touch of glamour.

Each element within the Rajputi Jewelry collection serves as a celebration of Rajasthan’s intricate artistry and cultural heritage. The fusion of intricate patterns, vibrant hues, and the gentle gleam of faux gemstones culminates in an ensemble that radiates magnificence, suitable for any occasion.

Enter the realm of Rajput splendor with our Rajputi Jewelry collection. Whether gracing a wedding, commemorating a festival, or embracing your cultural roots, each piece is meticulously crafted to make you feel like royalty.

Adorn yourself with our Rajputi Jewelry and embrace the grace, tradition, and timeless allure that embodies the very essence of Rajasthan.

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Green, Red


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Rajputi Jewelry For Chote Baisa
Rajputi Jewelry For Chote Baisa
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