Rajasthani Rajputi Dresses Poshak Legacy
Rajputi dresses poshak is Rajasthani traditional wear commonly known as Rajputana dress for women. These rajputi dresses are easily available online. Nowadays the latest rajputi poshak are famous as bridal wear across the country. The latest Rajputi poshak designs are one of the most beautiful and breathtaking outfits famous all over the world when it comes to wedding and bridal dresses. Bollywood & Hollywood are setting up new trends and designs in these Rajasthani rajputi poshak. It comes in a wide variety of fabrics. Heavy  rajputi poshak is made with crepe silk fabric and worked with zardosi mix work. Lehenga, kurti kanchali and Chunari made with pure thakurji fabric and the same zardosi leaf design work make it eye-catching.
‘What is so different about ‘The Poshak’?
We have already seen royal outfits in historical films. Yeah, many Bollywood films and TV serials based on the history of Rajasthan have shown the royal looks of the kings and queens. The films have shown really beautiful Rajasthani rajputi poshak,and we love it.
Rajputi Dresses Poshak Types & Price Range
Based on the design work, fabric material, and quality, the poshak are categorized into different types and accordingly priced, like pure & semi-pure poshak, gota patti poshak, & few others.

A simple cotton fabric Rajputi suit for ladies starts at Rs. 600. A nice-looking Poshak with a decent design and sophisticated fabric starts at a price range of Rs. 2000. The price of Poshak increases with the quality and design work that could range as high as lacs of rupees.  These poshaks are costly as it involves the cost of material used and the cost of work generations. A semi-pyor poshak and gota patti poshak can be availed in the range of Rs. 3000 to 8000 in general.

A gota patti poshak will not just add value and essence to your look but also it is going to make you feel beautiful and classy. Since a rajputana dress for a woman is a heavy outfit, it takes some time, effort, and caution to carry it beautifully. The beauty and classical look of ‘Rajputi Poshak’ is so appealing that you can not resist the urge to wear this involved it. Silverwork and gold work poshak are also available and are made on demand. These are premium class products that once made form a legacy for Rajputi attire. And your love for this Poshak will make you carry this outfit gracefully. This is the reason ladies go crazy for these latest rajputi dresses or poshak available online as a bridal outfit.

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