Sawan Special Fashion ideas in Rajputi style

The month of Sawan is a holy month. In this month both men and women worship Lord Shiva.

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In the Special month of Sawan, women like to wear green colored clothes and then worship Lord Shiva, so we have come to you with special Sawan Fashion Ideas with which you can improve your look even more.

I. Sawan Special Traditional Outfits and Styling Tips

  • Regal Rajputi Poshak: A symbol of royalty, Rajputi attire gives you a royal look with its intricate designs and exquisite colors. One can wear heavy Jadau necklace jewelery with Rajputi attire and can also adorn herself with chokers and Mathapati jewellery.
  • Bright Green Saree with Floral Prints: You can wear artificial gold jewelry with the saree and you can choose to have a Gajra of fresh flowers in your hair. You can do light makeup.
Sawan Special Rajput Poshak
  • Vibrant Lehenga Choli: In the special month of Sawan, you can wear red and green colored silk and fabric lehenga choli and choose matching earrings and bangles.
  • Ghagra Choli: Ghagra Choli is the traditional dress of Rajasthan and you can wear it even on the Teej day of Sawan. You can wear traditional Tikka and Kundan jewelery with this dress.
  • Traditional Bandhani Saree: Bandhani saree is a famous saree of Rajasthan and Gujarat that adds to the beauty of women. You can worship Lord Shiva by wearing this saree on the first Monday of Sawan. Along with the Bandhani saree, you can also choose a Kundan jewelery set from Matching.

II. Sawan Special Rajput Poshak Outfit Tips

Sawan Special Rajput Poshak Outfit Tips
  • Choose Traditional Colors: Green, yellow, and red colors are important in this special month of Saavan. Choose Rajputi Poshak made of these colors.
  • Lehriya Rajputi Poshak: The Lehriya Rajputi Dress is a traditional dress that has an intricate Lahardar design which is a symbol of the Sanskriti of Rajasthan. You can wear this dress on wedding and festival days and yes, you should choose Lehriya Poshak with gota patti work because it gives a royal look.
  • Kundan and Polki Jewellery: Kundan and Polki Jewelery along with Rajputi Poshak makes your look even more royal and beautiful. On our site, you will get to see one of the best jewelery which is of amazing quality.
  • Traditional Juttis: Wear Rajputi Jutiya or Mojadi with the Poshak which will complete your Rajputi look.
  • Royal Makeup: In the season of Sawan, do light makeup and apply kajal on the eyes and bindi on the face according to your face, this will give a fresh look to your face.
  • Mangtikka and Borla: Use Maangtikka and Borla to decorate your forehead. Magnificent quality Maangtikka and Borla are available on our site, do try them once.

III. Mansoon Special Suit Ideas For Girls

  • Green Anarkali Suit: In the month of Sawan, girls can wear green Anarkali suits with golden Jhumkas and green Mathapatti.
Mansoon Special Suit Ideas For Girls
  • Floral Print Palazzo Suit: The Palazzo suit is light and airy. You can choose a floral print design for it. You can wear silver oxidized earrings and bangles with this suit.
  • Leheriya Kurti with Skirt: Leheriya Kurti with skirt reflects the glory of Rajasthan. Its colorful stripes give you a royal look at festivals and special occasions. You can wear meenakari earrings and bangles with this kurti.

A. What Should I Wear In Mansoon?

Wearing green-colored clothes in the month of Sawan is considered auspicious. You can choose a Rajputi Dress, Bandhani Saree, and Lehenga Choli for yourself along with a Jadau Necklace, Choker Necklace, and other jewelry.

B. Why Do Girls Wear Bangles In Sawan?

Girls wear bangles in Sawan because it is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity. The green or red color of bangles brings new beginnings and happiness which is the specialty of this holy month. Bangles provide positive energy and according to religious scriptures, blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are also received and it is also an important part of Indian tradition and culture.

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