Jadau Kundan Chokers Beyond Weddings Modern Takes on a Classic

Jadau Kundan Choker is an Indian traditional piece of jewelry that is a popular piece of jewelry for Indian brides. It contains gemstones and glass pieces that resemble other gems. A set of gems and stones are created using the Jadau technique. Where the gold foil protects them. This reveals its sharpness and ferocity.

Jadau Kundan Choker Symbol of Royal Jewellery

  • Rich History, Regal Status: The Jadau Kundan chokers boast a history of Indian royalty. Worn by Maharajas and Maharanis for centuries, these pieces are considered a symbol of opulence and a bygone era.
  • Gold and Gemstones: These Jadau kundan choker gold frames (Jadau) are made by inlaying gems and emerald glass pieces which are 24 karats. This kundan (imitation diamond) is adorned with gems and emerald, mannik, and pearl stones.
  • Bridal Elegance: A Jadau Kundan choker is a coveted bridal ornament, adding a touch of royalty and grandeur to a bride’s wedding ensemble.
  • Versatility Beyond Weddings: These chokers, traditionally worn by Indians for centuries, enhance your look with any dress or saree.

Jadau Kundan Jewellery Set For Banarasi Saree

Jadau Kundan jewelery is a wonderful jewelery for Banarasi saree. Prosperous and intricate designs of jewelery will further enhance the beauty of the saree and give you a stunning look.

  • Consider the color of your saree. If the color of your saree is dark then you can wear Jadau Kundan Jewelery with stones of a similar color. If your Saree color is light then you can choose Jadau Kundan Jewelery of light color.
  • If you wear Jadau Kundan Jewelery at a wedding with a Banarasi saree then You can wear a more detailed Jadau Kundan Jewelery set and it makes your look better. If you can choose a simple Kundan set for normal usage.

Best Pachi Kundan Choker Set with Price

  • Pachi Kundan Necklace: You can buy good quality artificial pachi kundan necklaces at genuine prices on the site. You can find many necklaces with beautiful colors and good quality pearls and kundan. at just a starting price of Indian Rupees 1780.
  • Jadau Multi-Color Necklace with Earrings: At KhammaGhani, you can find amazing quality jewelry at affordable prices shown in the pic. This Jadau Multi Color Necklace With Earrings enhances your look with a beautiful trendy dress and saree. The multicolored jadau necklace has good quality pearls and kundan studs which gives a shiny look from a distance. It costs in Indian Rupees 3,500

Wedding Ahmedabadi Pachi Kundan Choker Necklace Set

Adorn your wedding day with the sparkle of the Ahmedabadi Pachi Kundan Choker Necklace Set. This choker set is embellished with colorful stones and intricate beads. This choker necklace set consists of a close-fitting choker. This necklace usually comes with matching earrings. Which completes the perfect bridal look.

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