Navratri Jewellery Set and The Famous Jewellery Accessories

Navratri Jewellery Set and The Famous Jewellery Accessories

Navrati pooja necklace

“Navratri jewellery set is a festive accessory that gives you ethnic look and modern touch.”

Navrati is the auspicious festival to welcome Maa Durga for nine devotional days. Navratri Jewellery set is essential to play Garba with colourful heavy traditional outfits having a celebration full of enthusiasm. This jewellery set includes earrings, bangles and necklaces to get a stunning look like a wedding jewellery. Navrati is not just a religious festival but also a moment for celebration. As per the recent survey, there are around 5 Lac rupees of the sale in one day only of Navratri attire and Navratri jewellery set in Ahmedabad.


Navratri Look Neck Set


“The Garba jewellery set gives versatile and classy looks with the famous chaniya choli dress.”

In India, Navrati is the most celebrated festival in every state. Gujarat is all famous for Garba nights where all men and women wear traditional attire and matching Garba jewellery to worship goddess Durga. Another big occasion is arranged in Bengal by having Durga Puja Pandal and specific jewellery and Bengali sarees are worn by women to conduct Durga Puja.


Garba jewellery set
Garba jewellery set


“Garba jewellery sets make a fashion statement chic and stylish during nine days of Garba.”

If you prepare to enjoy this Navratri festival, you can opt for a heavy to light Garba jewellery set to pair up easily with traditional outfits. Have a look at a few Navratri jewellery sets that are exclusive for Dandiya Nights:


  1. Kundan jewellery: This is a Garba full jewellery set every woman prefers to wear on Garba nights. This jewellery has intricate designs and vibrant colours to enhance your personality. It is a traditional style but now they are available in modern designs also. Kundan chokers with traditional attire will grab everyone’s attention. On the Navratri occasion, this jewellery gives a traditional and extravagant look to every woman.


  1. Oxidised Jewellery: This Navratri jewellery set is high in demand during Navratri occasions. This jewellery set matches easily with garba traditional dress and gives an eye-catchy and classic look. It is easy to pair with matching earrings and bangles. The best thing is the black and silver colour of this Garba jewellery set complemented with all vibrant colours chaniya choli. It is a trending jewellery choice for the Navratri festival.


  1. Meenakari Jewellery: This Garba jewellery set is an everlasting style during Navratri. It is a big hit jewellery set especially during Navratri as it goes well with every outfit. This jewellery has beautiful designs and different colours to create a fashion statement. It looks great with a suit or saree during Navratri time.


  1. Diamond Jewellery: This Garba jewellery set gives a royal look and always remains in fashion. It gives a more sophisticated look and adds elegance to traditional attire. This jewellery can uplift your overall appearance and can enjoy playing Garba as it is comparatively light in weight.


  1. Pearl Jewellery: This jewellery set always has grace and style in the fashion world. This Garba jewellery set is an all-time favourite for every generation. It is a glamorous look and a chic style to be perfect during Navrati Garba night. It is a symbol of a classic and elegant look to your outfit.


Navratri jewellery set
Navratri jewellery set


“Navratri jewellery set includes gemstones and Kundan work handcrafted to get the best ornate look.”

Here is the list of famous Navratri accessories to complete an overall festive look:


  1. Tassel jewellery is always in trend and in collection whenever Navrati comes.


  1. Oxidized Bracelets and earrings are perfect with traditional wear.


  1. Oxidized rings and necklaces are worth glowing accessories to infuse Navrati Garba charm.


  1. Durga Maa jewellery is an auspicious and amazing jewellery piece.


  1. Gold-plated enamel jewellery is a colourful accessory to make your look attractive.


  1. A chandelier earring gives a lavish look and is trending nowadays.


Perfect Navratri jewellery set
Perfect Navratri jewellery set

Navratri festivals have their own significance and nine days are full of excitement filled with prayers, fasting and Dandiya nights. The Navratri jewellery set is matching up effortlessly with any traditional attire. To get a more of ethnic look, one can wear a Bajuband to complete the Navratri look. For Navratri bangles, you can go for imitation jewellery with trendy Kundan bracelets. One can take nine days of different getups if they prefer the Navratri jewellery set and outfit accordingly. The best part is that these Garba jewellery are available at an affordable price. They are available online and at all jewellery shops.  This Navratri jewellery online can be customized as per traditional outfits. Jewellery designers always try to give unique designs and shapes to make Garba jewellery sets trending everywhere. One can get a wide range of Navratri jewellery set collections to make Navratri more memorable and delightful. So, every year Navrati brings new trends in accessories to flaunt you as beautiful and stunning.

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