Bajuband -The Most Beautiful Upper Arm Jewellery

Bajuband -The Most Beautiful Upper Arm Jewellery

“Bajuband is stylish and elegant hand jewellery for women in India.”

Women flaunt jewellery from head to toe to look beautiful in India. The upper arm jewellery Bajuband or arm cuff increases grace. From old tradition, Bajuband holds its unique importance in a jewellery collection. Earlier women adorn heavy ornaments on a daily basis and at occasional events. In India, Rajasthan has been making jewellery for a long time and is still active to give a fashionable look with outfits.


Kundan Bajubandh


“Wearing beautiful jewellery keeps you healthy.”


“To wear Bajuband for Rajputi women takes pride to be outstanding apart from the crowd.”

Now they switch to simple and elegant accessories to complete their look. To get a beautiful look of hand, they are decorated from upper arms to fingers with different ornaments. Bajuband is traditional jewellery worn around the biceps of arms. One can prefer to wear on both hands or single is as per choice. Bhartnatyam dancers wore it and later it became popular across the world. Men wore it at the initial stage. Huge varieties are available for women in the form of silver, gold or semi-precious metal to enhance women’s beauty.

Trend of Bajuband is more popular in Rajasthan. The Rajputi bride gave a perfect expression with her armlet during the photo shoot. Various unique designs and colours are intricate to prepare it. Recently, armlets with loom jewellery are a trendsetter for all brides. Loom armlets are a result of skilled artisans to flaunt them so that everyone keeps an eye on them. Bajuband is a local term for Rajasthani craftsmen. The Rajputi community had Bajuband with very old traditional hand jewellery.


Gold Look Bajubandh


“Bajubandh is designed with noble materials to change the whole look of Indian women during festive times or any occasion.”

The famous upper arm jewellery in India are –


  1. Bajuband
  2. Khanch
  3. Armlet (Upper arm Bracelet) that comes in various designs
  4. Upper Arm Chura / Chura famously called as ivory bangles or ivory chura
  5. Looms, attached to Bajuband and khanch

Khanch armlets are also popular in India with traditional twist designs. It is amazing jewellery and India has the largest handcrafted accessories store of it. The Khanch armlet is a historic jewellery piece from the 14th century. It looks like it was prepared from white gold metal and other semi-precious stones. A thread used to make an armlet grows in a palash tree and it is Khanch. It signifies royalty and power in a Rajputi culture. It is wearable to protect from evil eyes.


“The Bajuband is sculpture jewellery with a classic feel of heritage adorn the upper arm.”

Armlet includes varieties of shapes like crocodile and snakes that make it exotic wear earlier. In Gujarat, we can see the Rabaris caste wear armlets of plastic and it resembles bangles. In the initial stage, pure metal is utilised to enhance grace of arms. It creates a fashion statement for both men and women. We have seen in various Bollywood movies that men wear armlets. Some farmers and soldiers also wear it in our country. Also, it is a culture to have armlets for men during wedding time. Before only two metal gold and silver were enough to have perfect armlet jewellery. But now oxidised silver is used to determine the unique shape and carve interesting designs around it.


Rajwadi Look Bajubandh

Several innovations were done in armlets as earlier it was an inspiration from the god /goddess of the temple. Modern technique makes an armlet to be perfect costume jewellery. These days armbands show adornments like change in shape either round or square and made out of gold, silver or semi-precious stones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds and many others. Armlets are opted with jewellery set at weddings, cultural functions or any event. It is well said to move and accept modern trends but to remain cultural heritage always. So, modern brides prefer to wear dainty arm bracelets with lehengas or sarees as per tradition to be a stunning face on her D day.

Bajuband is a perfect wedding jewellery of Rajputani culture to ace your look. Other names of Indian armlets that embellish hand beauty are vanki, ananta and angada. It adds a dimension to look of a bride. One can even select wedding attire to attend to be a silk saree with intricate design of temple design armlet to be stellar. If you carry other saree ethinc, pearls or diamond armlets are more suitable. The muti-coloured armlet  is festive choice to pick with pastel stones in it to rock your dress up.  A bride can complete look with fashion statement of Bajuband that gives subtle and splendid look. It is a perfect companion to chic your traditional getup.

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