Artificial Jewelry – Types of Indian Ornaments

Artificial Jewelry – Types of Indian Ornaments


Women love to wear artificial jewelry. Some of the traditional Indian jewelry are nath, bajuband, poonchi, loom, rakhdi, hathphool, neck set, shishphool and many more. Traditionally and culturally India is a rich country and globally Indian women are famous for their traditional pieces of jewelry and dresses. 


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  1. Nath –


Pachi Kundan Nath
Pachi Kundan Nath


Commonly used artificial jewelry as nose jewelry

This is the most loved artificial jewelry among Indian women. Nath is an essential jewel for married women. The Rajputi Nath design is large in size, which is connected to the ear with a chain made of pearl or Kundan. It has a full round shape structure & to make nath designs more beautiful & attractive colorful pearls of red, green Kundan are used. Such nath gives a royal look to women.


  1. Maangtika –


Kundan Mangtikka


It is a piece of forehead jewelry.

Maangtika completes the look of the bride. There are many types of Mangatika like double chain associated with it which is called Sheeshful. This is Chand Maangtika which is adorned with Kundan and it is beautiful. Mangtika attached to the maroon stone.


  1. Rakhdi –




This artificial jewelry is worn on the head.

Married women are identified by Rakhdi, it is a jewel worn on the forehead. It is round in shape, pearl or stone is used in the middle of the Rakhdi, which makes them look even more beautiful.


  1. Eardrop / Jhumka / Earrings –


Kundan Earrings
Kundan Earrings


Beautiful artificial jewelry for ears.

One of the most favorite pieces of a woman’s jewelry are Eardrop / Jhumka / Earrings. Without it, her makeup is considered incomplete. A pendant adorned with pearls is put into the earrings which makes earrings stunning. There are many types of sizes in it, there are also small and big earrings.


  1. Chura –


Brown Chura
Brown Chura


A piece of mandatory forearm jewelry for newly wed bride.

An essential jewel of all Indian women commonly worn after marriage. There are many types of chura easily available in the market and on online stores.  Lakh Chura are the most popular among Rajputi women preferably worn with Rajputi dress famously called as Poshak. There are many types of Chura like Dhal utar chura, Haathi Daat Chura, Burr Chura, 5 cut chura, 7 cut chura and many more varities.


  1. Gold look Bajuband Artificial Jewelry


Gold Look Bajuband
Gold Look Bajuband


Upper arm traditional jewelry of Rajputi women

The Bajuband  plays an important role in the dress of the Indian bride. The women also wear the loom along with the Bajuband. The Rajput women must use it. Bajuband is worn over the upper arm. It is mostly golden colored with pearls (moti), kundan, and stones embedded on it. Check latest bajuband designs here


  1. Mathapatti –



Mathapatti is the most popular piece of head jewelry. Many brides are wearing them nowadays. In the old days, ladies used to wear Matha Patti compulsorily. A bride looks royale once a mathapatti is added to her final look.


8. Burr Bengals (Burr Kade ) –


Burr Kade
A Pair of Burr Kade


A forearm artificial jewelry

Indian married women love to wear burr bengals / burr kade. Specially Rajasthani  married women wear burr kade with Rajasthani poshak. Burr kade gives a royal touch, mostly available in plain white, brown, red colours however nowadays a wide range of colours are available. Newly wed brides wear multicolour designs like Palki burr kade, Radha Krishna burr kade, Banna Banni burr kade. Such designs give kade a very Excellent look. These are available with gold work and as an artificial jewelry work.Check latest Kade designs.


9. Artificial Jewelry Hathphool –


Artificial Jewelry - Hathphool
A Pair of Hathphool


Beautiful combined jewelry for wrist, fingers, and backside of palm.

Every Brides’ first choice is Hathphool because they give a royal bridal look. The Hathphool trend is evergreen, with hathphool hands looking the most beautiful. Hathphool jewelry is also known as Hath kamal, Hath panja, and hand chain.


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