Bajuband Jewelry or armlet commonly known as armbands is a type of band that is worn on the upper part of the arm.  Marked with traditional and mythological design, the Baju band is a great piece of ornament that is usually worn on the arms to make a style statement. Different from bangles, the Bajuband is an accessory that is worn to emphasize modern sleeveless dress or traditional attire.

Famous Indian Arm Jewellery

Rajasthani  Bajuband is famous all over the world Bajubandh is a piece of very famous arm jewelry worn all over India and known by different names like Ananta, Angada.

It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds another dimension to the attire of Indian women.

Rajasthani Rajputi brides wear Rajputi Bajuband with their wedding outfit which looks absolutely mesmerizing and stands out in the crowd. Rajputi Bajuband includes multi-color Jadau work for an ethnic look to complete Rajputi attire.  AD and multi-color beads studded Bajuband give a unique look to your costume.

Bridal Best Choice Armband

Rajputi Bajuband is worn by Rajput brides, Rajputi ladies love to wear the Rajputi Bajuband with a loom while dancing Ghoomer.

Bajuband is made with copper, lead, zinc alloyed metal, and some plastic sheets. Bajuband is becoming popular nowadays. There are different types of loom people use with this Bajuband like, silken, turi golden, cotton, and woolen.

Artificial Bajuband is also chosen by a number of women because Bajuband is a piece of heavy arm jewelry which is made in gold and silver nowadays gold and silver are expensive metals so considering artificial jewellery is used by most women.

It is quite known for gold Baju in some parts of Rajasthan. Bajuband in Gold Baju designs were also available in different designs and new kinds of Bajuband jewellery with silver and oxidized jewelry were also a fashion trend now.

Bajuband with looms is a very beautiful and elegant ornament that reflects the culture and traditions.

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