Imitation Jewellery and Top 7 Questions About Them.

Imitation Jewellery and Top 7 Questions About Them.


Imitation jewellery is an alternative to gold & silver jewellery. We have collected the top 7 general questions about the artificial or imitation jewellery that every woman have in mind. Their answers not only add to your knowledge but also helps in keeping safe and managing your imitation jewellery.


Q1.  How to clean oil & cream from your artificial or imitation jewellery?

Ans. First thing first, try to avoid any kind of lubricants like oil, cream or similar thing falling on your artificial or imitation jewellery. One should never use any kind of liquid or lubricant on the artificial jewellery. Reason being, lubricants are sticky in nature and tend to attract dust, germs and fungus. You must have noticed green fungus growing in minute holes or curves in the jewellery. This generally grows due to such lubricant effects. It also damages the colour, shine and beauty of the jewellery. Need not to say, this green fungus reflects one’s carelessness for jewellery. 

In case if the lubricant has fallen on the jewellery, clean it with hand-wash or soft shampoo diluted with water or even you can use lemon. Apply it and gently clean with a toothbrush. During the summer season, sweat causes green material depositing on artificial jewellery. This can also be cleaned using lemon juice, shampoo, or hand wash diluted with water.


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Q2. Best practise of artificial / imitation jewellery with makeup?

Artificial jewellery and makeup always go hand in hand. Both complement each other. The best way to keep your artificial jewellery safe and clean is to avoid wearing jewellery before or during the makeup process. What you can do is apply the makeup and then gently put on your selected artificial jewellery that brings out your beauty. Reason being, makeup has chemicals and they react with the artificial colour of the jewellery and damages them. This reduces the overall age of the jewellery.  


Q3. Taking care of artificial / imitation jewellery in 2021, Should we use sanitiser on artificial / imitation jewellery?

Covid or Corona has totally changed the way people live. Be it weddings or any festival, Covid or Corona has changed the way people dress up and use artificial jewellery. Right from receiving the parcel or courier pack from an online jewellery shop, handling and wearing artificial jewellery has changed. It’s always good to be responsible and attentive against the spread of Covid and other viral bacterial infectious diseases however never spray hand sanitiser because it’s very risky for their shiny look. Since sanitiser contains alcohol or spirit hence it tends to destabilize the shining, colour and even look of the jewellery. So always avoid using sanitiser on your artificial jewellery. The best way is to quarantine the parcel for a couple of days after receiving it and then it’s good to use. Remember do not use hand sanitiser on your artificial or imitation jewellery.


Q4. How to pack and keep safe artificial or imitation jewellery?

Packing artificial jewellery in a plastic pouch or small poly bag and then in a plastic box is always a good idea and best practice. Do not put in velvet cloth or velvet box as velvet dull the shine of the jewellery. You can even use a paper napkin to fold jewellery parts like chains so they don’t intermingle. Taking care of jewellery gifts that you received from your loved ones is always a good practice.


Q5. Should you use jewellery while working in the kitchen?

Do not wear artificial jewellery while you work in the kitchen. In Kitchen work like cooking food, cleaning utensils, cutting vegetables brings you in contact with sharp knives, food preservatives & chemicals like concentrated soap, baking soda, etc. All these stuff and tasks damage artificial or imitation jewellery shine and look directly or indirectly. Best practice says, put off your artificial jewellery while you enter the kitchen for your daily job. Last but not the least, it is not easy to clean imitation jewellery.


Q6. Should we use artificial or imitation jewellery in daily use?

The answer is No. Using artificial jewellery in daily use will dull the shine and damage the outer layer making it look bad and old within a few days only. Daily we do a lot of work and come in contact with different kinds of materials like water, chemicals, lubricant, dust. These materials damages artificial jewellery. Always remember, it is artificial jewellery and not gold or silver jewellery. chemicals on them might harm


Q7. How to Clean Artificial Jewellery?

There are several ways to clean artificial jewellery, few commonly known home processes are –

Use hand-wash or soft shampoo diluted with water and rub gently with a toothbrush or fingers.

Use lemon juice diluted with water and rub gently with a toothbrush or fingers.

Sweat causes green dirt to deposit over jewellery, this can be cleaned using lemon juice, shampoo, or hand wash diluted with water.


Q8.What is artificial or imitation jewellery made of?

Artificial jewellery is made up of metal alloy combined of nickel, copper, cadmium and brass. These metals are combined in different ratios. This gives jewellery shine, strength, durability and texture. These properties further decide the cost of this jewellery.

Many other pieces of jewellery are made up of a combination of different metals in different ratios.

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