Wedding Dresses: Get The Best Wedding Looks in 2022

Wedding dresses are the prominent ones to catch the crowd’s attention, and as a bride, you should be extra cautious to choose the perfect dress for your wedding occasion. The interesting aspect of Indian wedding dresses is that they are not limited to traditional styles.  Modern brides frequently seek methods to incorporate their personalities into […]

Chath Pooja (छठ पूजा), One Of The Most Famous Indian Festival

Importance of Chath Pooja / छठ पूजा का महत्व – छठ पूजा / Chath Pooja मात्र एक व्रत नहीं बल्कि यह एक महापर्व grand festival के जैसे मनाई जाती है| पूरा संसार जहां उगते हुए सूरज की पूजा करता है परंतु छठ पूजा में डूबते सूरज की भी उपासना की जाती है, ऐसा त्यौहार या […]

Karva Chauth – The Indian Way to Celebrate Eternal Bond

What is Karva Chauth & How is it Celebrated? करवा चौथ दिन, समय और मुहूर्त सनातन धर्म में कई तीज त्यौहार festivals सामाजिक परंपराएं हर्षोल्लास से मनाई जाता है परंतु महिलाओं का मुख्यतः करवा चौथ (karva chauth ) माना जाता है| करवा चौथ कार्तिक माह के कृष्ण पक्ष की चतुर्थी को मनाया जाता है| करवा […]

Bajuband -The Most Beautiful Upper Arm Jewellery

“Bajuband is stylish and elegant hand jewellery for women in India.” Women flaunt jewellery from head to toe to look beautiful in India. The upper arm jewellery Bajuband or arm cuff increases grace. From old tradition, Bajuband holds its unique importance in a jewellery collection. Earlier women adorn heavy ornaments on a daily basis and […]

Rings and Hathphool Most Beautiful Fingers Jewellery

“Rings and Hathphool give ultimate beauty to finger jewellery in India.” Hand jewellery plays a vital role in the fashion world to enhance the beauty of women. Elegant stone-studded rings or Hathphool gives a royal look to women’s hands. Hand ornaments are accessories that embellish the hands of women. Both hand jewellery are increasing charm […]

Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery Sets 10 Famous Designs

“Rajasthani bridal jewellery sets have an amazing collection with modern touch and a traditional look to make a bride style more gorgeous and stunning.” Everyone loves a traditional Rajasthani bridal jewellery set as it is simple but has a unique beauty and holds a special position in the fashion world. Royal Rajasthani jewellery sets possess […]

Wedding Jewelry: Indian Women’s Best Friend.

1. Kundan Jewelry –  Kundan Jewelry is the most preferred segment in wedding jewelry and is acknowledged as one of the traditional Indian ornaments. It is a jewel brought by Mughul vogue. Kundan Jewellery has a Nagina set between Stone and the mount with gold foil attached to the jewelry which has been used by […]

Imitation Jewellery and Top 7 Questions About Them.

Imitation jewellery is an alternative to gold & silver jewellery. We have collected the top 7 general questions about the artificial or imitation jewellery that every woman have in mind. Their answers not only add to your knowledge but also helps in keeping safe and managing your imitation jewellery. Q1.  How to clean oil & cream from […]

Stone Jewellery-A Peep into the Journey

Gemstones, From Caveman to Millenial Generation. Stone jewellery in the world of fashion has a distinctive place & role, and famously called Gemstones. There are about 200 different varieties of natural gemstones. Precious & semi-precious stones are called Gemstones. Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, & Ruby are the 4 precious gemstones. All other gemstones fall in the list of semi-precious […]