Chura (चूड़ा) is traditional Indian Jewelry worn by Indian women. Rajasthani women love wearing Chura due to its rich centuries-old cultural heritage in India. Indian women specially Rajasthani women love wearing Chura & this jewelry item has a specific place in Indian tradition. Nowadays Chura is trending among young Indian women too as they look elegant & it adds to their beauty. Various types of Chura are available at KhammaGhani, like Kundan Work Chura, Burr Chura, & many others. 

They are available in stock and can be shipped within 2-3 days to any part of India. Burr Chura is mainly famous among married women. College-going girls and women love to wear lac bangles and crystal kada. These look fabulous on both western wear and traditional Indian wear like Saree, Ghagra odhni, Lehenga Choli, Rajputi Poshak, and other regional dresses.


Indian women have been attracted to traditional Indian jewelry rather than modern designs. This trend has led to the evolution of all kinds of jewelry pieces that have a traditional design but with an added twist, Kadas has a design similar to bangles but is wider and more elaborately adorned. These closed-loop bangles were typically worn by married women in Indian households but are now a fashion statement for girls of all ages.

Kadas can go on literally any kind of outfit like traditional, Indo-western, or western outfits. They look chunky, and colorful, and give the right amount of traditional touch to your look. Nowadays, Kadas have found their way to every woman’s wardrobe. They are available in various designs. The most popular designs are oxidized material with peacock patterns, stone inset closed-loop bangles, or even made from the classic gold material with various kinds of engravings.


The bangle is an important item of wedding jewelry for many Indian brides, though the meaning and significance varies from region to region and family to family. Glass bangles are meant to represent safety and luck in marriage in Indian traditional communities. 

Silver Bangles – silver bangles are most commonly seen and worn by people and mostly women, these are fashionable and always in fashion trends. College-going girls like to wear silver bangles, silver bangles are made in lightweight to heavyweight.

Silver bangles are gifted to newborn babies as a blessing in Indian communities.

Gold Bangles – gold bangles are heavy jewellery and expensive metal that is mostly gifted on special occasions like weddings or engagement ceremonies. Gold bangles are found in almost every household as it is considered pride and honor for women. Gold bangles are the most valued and adopted jewelry in India.

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