Mathapatti and Sheeshphool

In particular, Rajputi women wear mathapatti and sheeshphool at weddings. To give them a royal bridal look, it is the traditional jewel of Rajputi brides. Ever since the old royal family, mathapatti and sheeshphool ornaments have been worn.

Nowadays, mathapatti and sheeshphool have become common head jewellery irrespective of region and caste. Every woman wants to have one for her fashion statement. Head jewellery like matha patti and sheeshphool gives a royal look and completes the attire with saree as well traditional Indian wear.


The gorgeous and Stunning Sheeshphool comes from the rich Rajasthani Heritage. Means ‘flowers for head’, sheeshphool indeed is no lesser than a crown for the Brides.

 There are lots of various designs available at featuring sheeshphool with Kundan and floral designs.

Sheeshphool for brides 

Every Indian bride wants to look beautiful and glamorous at their wedding, sheeshphool bridal or Kundan sheeshphool has already set a bar in bridal jewellery.  

Bridal sheesh phool  is a unique and amazing combination of gold and motis or we can say mirrors or stones embedded gold sheesh phool which look extraordinary in a bridal wedding look. 

Rajasthani  sheeshphool  

It is a beautiful and fine artwork which is embellished by jewellers of Rajasthan. Very unique designs are found in Rajasthani traditional jewellery which sheeshphool is on top of that.

It enhances the head look which is visible in translucent odhni worn by brides in Rajasthan. It looks very beautiful in Rajasthani bridal wear.


Mathapatti is traditional south Indian head jewellery which is beautifully crafted by craftsmen or jewellers of India. Matha Patti is a simple thin or flat layer of head jewellery mostly worn by South Indian brides.

 MathaPatti is mostly made in gold embedded with beautiful fine stones.

Many celebrities choose mathapatti as their wedding headband or head jewellery.

Kundan  mathapatti  bridal

Kundan mathapatti  bridal is the most amazing and head-turning jewellery found and chosen by brides in India  

This comes in a wide variety  of shapes and designs  

Kundan matha Patti includes crafts with Kundan which is a beautiful combination.

Kundan mathapatti bridal lookiswoen and adopted by brides from all over India and at international levels also. This looks very delicate and creates an extraordinary look for the brides.

Borla mathapatti 

Borla mathapatti is a kind of combination jewellery which is created with Rajasthani bore and South Indian mathapatti.

This  fusion has made an immense impact in the jewellery  industry, 

KhammaGhani has a variety of mathapatti and sheeshphool for bridal wear collections.

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