Six hottest fashion trends for spring 2022

As the annuals bloom once again, so do new style trends, and they make quite the exciting bold statements this time!

Just like modern-day humans are a result of eonic evolution, fashion is the same – only which it changes and evolves incredibly fast. This season’s collections and trends are grappling with shifting tides, and it’s all about being bright and having your own individual voice manifested through the nuances of fashion. Here are some of the top crazes for this spring that you must include in your wardrobe and inevitably retain your reputation as the chief of style!

  1. Truck art sneakers

Pakistanis and their love for all things truck-art-related knows no bounds! The particularly colourful and quirky style of painting has become synonymous with Pakistan and is part of its prized cultural heritage. From intricately painted Khussas to colourful tableware, truck art is everywhere in the country, and for good reason. Now, there’s a new addition to the list, with Nike sneakers being given the iconic colourful twist by local artist Haider Ali. Ever since the sneakers got viral, truck art sneakers have become all the rage and are one of the hottest trends you need to try this season! Pair them under your plain-ish outfits to give them the oomph that they crave and make a statement. A ton of brides have also been spotted donning the super comfy truck art sneakers under their lehengas and we’re loving it!

  1. Chunky gold jewellery

Nothing demands attention more than chunky gold jewellery, from a combination of thick and dainty gold chains layered in the neck to chain belts to emphasise the waist, gold jewellery is your answer to every what-to-wear-with-this-outfit. The chunky gold jewellery is sparkling all over social media apps like Instagram and TikTok, layering chokers, pendants and thick golden chains to create a curated gilded look. And, it is not limited to just neck jewellery, but also earrings, hoops, bracelets and even anklets – the gold has taken over, for good! Everything from ornate clunky links to subtle chain drop earrings, it can work with every outfit, from plain solids to the most colourful of attires.

After a long reign of prints and excessive garbs, it’s finally time for solid coloured outfits to shine. They’re easy to carry, look pretty and timeless on just about anybody. Their versatility makes them perfect for work, casual hangouts and formal occasions making them a great investment for all seasons throughout the year! The trend also gives you a chance to flaunt all the statement pieces you’ve been collecting in your jewellery box. Play with different finishes and textures to find what works best for you.

  1. Lace-up shoes

With signature interlaced straps varying from barely-there to super-extra styles, lace-up sandals, nicknamed naked shoes, are evidently the tried-and-true shoe of the summer. Creating an uber-chic look by leaving much of the foot bare, they are easy to style, easy to wear, and appropriate to don anywhere with literally anything, be it the beach, a date or someone’s wedding, you know you’re strapped in tight!

  1. Vintage jewellery

The past few years have bought back with it the desire for vintage jewellery, given that it also complements our desi attires as well as the westerns! Vintage Afghani jewellery has been all the rage lately from being featured in almost every brand shoot to being sported by every celebrity out there who wants to make a statement. The pieces are versatile and usually pair up with almost anything – be it your solid 2-piece look or a funky t-shirt, they add just the right amount of pizazz and look absolutely stunning!

  1. Statement socks

Repeat after me – socks do not have to be boring! And that is exactly the mantra you should be going in with when shopping for your socks. Funky, colourful socks have gained quite the popularity as a means to add a little bit of personality to your look. And let us tell you, we’ve seen a lot of people rocking it, from CEOs who want to add in a pop of colour to their suits to cool dads, celebrities, and they were even spotted on runways. So don’t shy away from choosing a pair that speaks to you, red, pink, yellow, green – it is 2022, and colours are not specified to certain genders anymore.