The dressing of women is incomplete without earrings. It’s pretty worn by girls, it’s got a lot of earrings, tops, jhumka, kanbali, etc. New brides love to wear jhumka. Women just like to wear earrings on a gown.

Earrings are the most commonly used and most adopted ornaments all over the world. This jewellery can be found in every country because ear lobe jewellery is considered fashionable and traditional in each and every part of different societies and cultures.

Earrings are worn in almost all 7 continents, India is the most diversified country.

 There are lots of religions and different kinds of communities there, they all share something in common i.e jewellery or gehna.  

Top Most loved earrings 

Nowadays women want to wear earrings and put heavy earrings on events and festivals, and on weddings or engagement ceremonies.

Let’s talk about some most adorable kinds of earrings :

 1 Oxidized Earrings – Oxidized earrings are the most favorite and likable jewellery piece among women, these are lightweight and comfortable jewellery. These earrings create an aesthetic and bohemian look. oxidized jewellery can be worn on sarees, Kurti, and on western outfits .oxidized 

 2 Large Earrings – large earrings are always on trends that can be styled with Indian outfit as well as on western outfits, large earrings are in different shapes and texture and material also, mostly metal made earring are chosen as it looks heavy and gives a glamorous look .these are mostly seen with embedded Kundan to motis. 

3 Gold Earrings- gold earrings are the most valuable and can easily be seen in every household in India, women in India have at least one to two pairs of gold jhumkas or gold earrings, gold is an expensive metal that’s why women started buying and wearing artificial gold earrings.  

4 silver Earrings  – silver earrings are another expensive valuable metal, silver earrings or other jewellery can be found in every home in India, silver earrings create a look similar to an oxidized or bohemian style look. This is the most fascinating jewelry followed by women all around the world.  

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