A chokers necklace is evergreen fashionable jewellery. Women prefer to wear it in every place, such as at marriage functions, some small family functions, etc. the size of the choker is small in comparison to the other necklace. Choker is the most loved and adopted product for fashionistas. chokers can be styled and worn on every kind of dress like ethnic, Indo western style, and western style.  

 The comeback of the 90’s trend

As it said Old is gold! and so is fashion. Now the comeback of the 90’s trend ‘Choker Necklace’ into being again – has just become one hard obsession for women. The choker is a piece of jewellery that is closely adorned to the neck. They give out a high statement stylish look, regardless of the outfit that it is paired up with. 

The Choker Necklace has become one favorite of women today as they are easy to wear and just go easily well with all kinds of dresses like ethnic and Indo western dresses. 

There are different variations of chokers, specially designed for various outfits. These choker necklaces are even available in gold and silver. We see the bride wearing them on her wedding day. It gives a complete look at just wearing a choker necklace. The brides are especially seen flaunting these throat-style trends that are exclusively made of gold and silver.

Rajasthani choker 

 Rajasthani choker is a beautiful and elegant piece of art. It shows the fine art and culture of Rajasthani jewelry. Rajasthani choker is beautifully designed with Kundans colored crystals, motis made in gold metal, chokers can be made in silver also and other metals also as gold is an expensive metal. Rajasthani chokers show the beauty and elegance of brides wearing chokers on their wedding day or any other event. 

As bridal wear choker bridal sets are also available in markets, these are beautiful and look so authentic and give a royal feeling to the bride. 

Layered choker

Layered choker is also famous in Indian bridal jewellery sets as it gives more volume to the neck and covers lots of space in the neck region this is the reason only one layered choker will give a full covered or heavy bridal look for the bride.

This comes in a wide variety like Kundan, Zaveri, or AD cut in layered chokers. 

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