About Aad Jewellery

Aad jewellery is a famous Rajasthani and Rajputi neck jewellery. It is in tradition for the last many centuries. In the olden days, Rajasthani women used to wear Aad made up of gold and precious gemstones. With the passage of time and cultural expansion nowadays Aad is famous in various parts of the country. Women love to wear it in marriages, fashion shows, parties and many festivals with traditional Rajasthani dresses. In simple language, it is a heavy neck set made of gold, precious stones with pearls beaded in lace. However nowadays Aad is available as a piece of artificial jewellery. KhammaGhani has a wide variety of neck sets and Aad for all age groups and pocket sizes. Check out our collection and get that beautiful royal look.

Aad Designs & Online Presence

Nowadays Rajasthani aad designs and jewellery has become a fashion trend. Rajputi aad latest designs have set a new standard among bridal jewellery online shopping freaks. Aad is a heavy neck piece which creates a royal and classy look for the brides. This jewellery is traditionally made from gold however with evolving times Rajasthani aad is available online as artificial jewellery. New designs were added up to it like quilled white and other colourful motis, zaveri pearls,  jadau diamonds, ahemdabadi kundan, etc.

History & Making of Aad

This jewellery is accomplished with traditional Rajasthani poshak, and many other beautiful ornaments like bajuband, sheeshphool,  besar or jhumka all matching with aad. This is statement jewellery in Rajasthani communities like Jaat ,Bishnoi and Rajputs and adopted by other communities also. Aad is a symbolic piece of jewellery which signifies the marital status of the women aad represents whether women are married or not, it represents the family wealth status in these communities.

The traditional Rajasthani craftsmen make use of a combination of different precious stones. They use a combination of enamels, Kundan, beads, zaveri pearls  as well as gold in designing jewellery. Traditional Rajputi aad design has rubies, clear stones, gold, emerald as well as pearls embedded in it making it stand out of the crowd.

Aad is usually made up of gold with a heavy artistically designed blocks at the beginning, which is then designed by the use of Kundan or other stones. You can have any kind of design in aadh by creative use of enamel colours,kundans, pearls and diamonds. Some Necklace has designs of peacocks and flowers, making use of attractive red, blue and green colours. Kundan rajputi aad designs are easily available online.

The artisans first design the gold block, and kundans(stones) are then creatively fitted these stones into the cavities inside the golden block. Below the designed block small triangular or any shaped piece of pearls and stones can be attached. The aad can be of precious metals like gold & silver. With the availability of Rajputi aad the latest designs online both customers & jewellers have multiple options to select and make beautiful neck pieces for the rajputi ladies. This jewellery is mostly in trend as bridal and festival jewellery.

Aad as Bridal Jewellery

Rajasthani aad is one of the most spectacular bridal jewellery designs that are available online. It is a mark of tradition, value and honour. At the time of weddings, Aad is presented by the groom’s side to the bride-to-be. It is considered an honour for the bride to wear this traditional necklace.

A wide variety of kundan rajputi aad designs with zaveri pearls & even with gold embellishment are also available online.

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