Punjabi Jutti – A Perfect Footwear

Punjabi Jutti – A Perfect Footwear

Red Jutti

The Punjabi Jutti is a traditional Indian shoe made up of unique stitching having cultural authenticity with premium quality of leather. It is made of hand-woven rope and of high quality materials. It is an unbeatable footwear that brings comfort and ease to any age group girls , women and also for men too. It has cushioned sole inside and stylish design at outer part to carry either at home or shopping or at wedding occasions.

These jutti have different colours, classic designs and vibrant textures. It is a part of every girl’s footwear and makes us feel like walking in the air. It is popular from Punjab and even known in South Asian nations to show off the roots of Indian culture and make them feel proud. One of the best features is that jutti pairs cannot differentiate which is for right or left foot ,so it can be worn as per your choice. It has shimmering brims and exquisite embroidery that reflects the heritage of Punjab.



People who love classy, fashionable and traditional looks, Punjabi jutti are a necessary element of requirement for every Indian. They are made by creativity of skilled workers and beautify designs to fascinate style in a traditional manner. It is always easier to flip these shoes either with ethnic or office wear or maybe modern wear. It is easily available in the market at a reasonable price to flaunt fancy dress up.

Nowadays online markets have huge demand for Jutti that suit your fashion taste having wonderful designs. Since the last two years there has been an increase of online shopping of this footwear. Online marketing has extended footprint business geographically to increase customers across the nation and we have US buyers more for it. A Punjabi jutti is becoming the biggest industry due to its fascinating attraction and comfort zone. People can wear it with confidence and not require any alterations. It is favourable for all age group people as it is like a splendid ornament in the footwear industry.


Even though jutti is basic footwear, variation of it is available and briefed them to get an idea about it :


  1.   Khussa :  It is basically for a men which have curled shaped in front  by having resemblance of gabroo ( a young men in Punjabi)


  1.   Kasuri: These jutti have special intent design and were imported from Pakistan which is recently made in India at Punjab.


  1. Salem Shahi: It is named after the Mughal prince and curled tip. It has a spade shape.


  1. Tilla :  This type of jutti had a zari work of golden thread. Other variants of it have  structural designs known to be Lakhi, Milan and Khosa.


  1.   Lucky : It is named “lucky” because of its design like a girl’s waist and in Punjab the word lucky means to be waist.


  1.   Jalsa : These jutti look simple but have an attractive design to be worn by men at various wedding occasions or functions.

Traditional jutti are back to jazz up new looks in the fashion world. Fashion always brings cyclic turns and now it’s time for Punjabi jutti to come back for reinventing purpose. These shoes bites boost the number of celebrity client, increase shopping across the world as it become an essential accessory to be carried at any time whatever the season it .It is said by Akanksha chabra, co-proprietor of Bengaluru based label, Pastel & Pop that “Punjabi Jutti is an expression of Indian heritage having ethnic design and balanced mix of traditional and modern look to a beautiful pair of shoes. They are hand-crafted  in a local market by craftsmen to  have leverage of standing out differently at any occasion and keep the base of heritage alive.”


Pink Jutti

Shirin Mann Sangha, a Delhi based designer jutti label stated that “jutti in a modern way is launched by me without any brand or company to match the fashion requirement of today’s client as street vendors fail to achieve it. I wanted to make it with good quality leather, comfort with a sole having cushion shape and modern technique with pretty colours. Our beauties not only carry Indian outfits but also at dance clubs or a crazy cocktail party.

The modern day Punjabi Jutti combines relaxation and stylish elegance that can be worn with jeans, skirts, palazzos, lehengas, churidars, even in a few cases with saree also. Heavier work on jutti have done zardosi with katana,mirrors, ghungroos and sequins to be wearable at wedding and festive occasions while printed juttis are decor like pom-poms and coins shaped to make a perfect wear for shopping or hangout with friends.

Fizzy Goblet labels offer unique thick and heavy sized jutti and that comes in ikat pattern.Vian Label along with Juttichoo are known for their abstract design. Adah by Reena is also a famous brand that attracts fancy jutti lovers across India. Pastel Floral juttis goes with feminine look. They have fabulous matching maxims and skater dress. To have an edgy look, we can wear high waist shorts or with jumpsuits. Having geometrical design is best suited for work and to make look better one can team up with trousers or shirts.


Brown Jutti
Brown Jutti

The Punjabi Jutti is recognized to be the most unique footwear having various materials and hand painted work on it. It is a type of slippers for house everyday use with different materials like cotton, straw and jute to create the ultimate fashion statement. Since juttis are an integral part of a Punjabi culture it creates feelings in mind and body to enhance it more and more that has been made up of blue stone. Punjabi localities carry it on a daily basis with pride to represent our traditional footwear. It has been prepared of 100% pure leather, having softness and smoothness with uniqueness that lasts for generations.

Juttis provide protection during the rainy season due to its structure of design.”Punjabit” is a concept keeping in mind the functionality and durability. In the 21st century, designers put in a lot of effort to make an excellent outcome with all colours and prints to make them famous all over the world. They are light-weight and give strength to our feet. It is known for physical fitness in a traditional folk. As roots and leaves are used people can easily maintain strong muscle of feet.

Punjabi Jutti is an Indian brand making best strides in the footwear market even though not as popular as Apple or Samsung. As per latest survey, AC-11 low-top trainers depicts the extraordinary juttis made up of rubber and suede of the best quality of material to bring confidence while stepping out in public. It has been more than 25 years and Punjabi jutti has another level of reputation in the global market. They provide better versions of shoes at a reasonable price. They aim to support customers by relieving foot pain and relaxation at affordable cost. They are not just limited to the stylish look of shoes but also  moves towards the extra mile to have a maximum of satisfaction level.


Punjabi Jutti
Punjabi Jutti

Recently, a juttis can be customized as per our own choice by connecting via calls or email and craftsmen also work professionally to make sure that every detail is instructed to be taken care of by him to get beautiful shoes. Punjabi juttis originate from moccasins worn by generations since past many years and that has been gracefully twisted as per fashion trending. It is an incredibly versatile piece that never becomes outdated having its own style to wear.  It has longevity and a different colourful design that attracts every person to have it in the market.

“Give the girl right shoes and they can conquer the world “

The above well-known quote is a perfect fit for Punjabi girls for jutti as they can flaunt ballerinas (jutti) in stylish manner while expanding our culture with pride. Blend of Indo-western is coming in juttis and new designs are machine made also. Due to globalisation, machine created products consume less time to interconnect market demand and supply. Experiments in materials and designs are done to meet global needs and also maintain its importance. Now numerous Punjabi jutti are available with unlimited designs made by talented artisans keeping in mind merger of tradition with modernity.

Every Punjabi woman carries a jutti with their Patiala suit as it easily mixes with it. Punjabi Jutti is known for its neat and clean embroidery and woven in various ways to make it popular. There is huge demand for it at our holy city Amritsar and demand increases daily by foreigners visiting it. It is attractive for its soft leather and artistic work that makes it comfortable in any social gathering. Though its cost range starts from around two hundred rupees, a shopkeeper in Punjab can easily make a turnover of around one crore. By seeking a hike of it, traders of Mumbai and other states are also selling it to grab opportunities of low investment with high returns. At last, it has become a thriving business for Amritsar manufacturers having aggressive demand in bulk all over in India and abroad.

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