Wedding Jewelry: Indian Women’s Best Friend.

Wedding Jewelry: Indian Women’s Best Friend.


Kundan Jewelry –

Kundan Jewelry is the most preferred segment in wedding jewelry and is acknowledged as one of the traditional Indian ornaments. It is a jewel brought by Mughul vogue. Kundan Jewellery has a Nagina set between Stone and the mount with gold foil attached to the jewelry which has been used by many popular actresses. Panchi Kundan was worn in Jodhaa Akbar, Ramleela movies. The bride uses Panchi Kundan Jewellery in her bridal set, which gives her the princess look of the royal family.


Kundan Wedding Jewelry
Kundan Mathapatti


2. Rajputi Poshak & Wedding Jewelry –

In Rajasthan, 75% of women wear traditional clothes. There are many types of these clothes such as Rajputi dress famously called as Rajputi Poshak, Ghagra choli dress however Rajputi Poshak is more popular. Odhni, Kurti, kanchali forms the main parts of the Rajputi poshak. It is also called the Royal Dress of Rajasthan since ancient times, the women of the royal household use the Rajputi Poshak. There are also two types of attire for general daily use and for wearing on special occasions. Dresses that are worn in daily use are simple in appearance and they are used to do household work. And the dresses worn on special occasions are designed with flower pictures and eye-catching meenakari. Rajputi Poshak are of many types such as satan suits, Thakurji pure poshak also called as pyor poshak, Gota Patti Poshak, Banarasi suits, etc. Poshak without wedding jewelry are incomplete.


Wedding Jewelry Poshak
Rajputi Poshak


3. Khanch: Traditional Rajasthani Wedding Jewelry –

One of the many types of wedding jewelry in India, there is also a khanch jewelry that is used as armlets, specially made for Rajasthan women, made of lakh and ivory, and used on it with pearls and stones. It is mostly white color khanch Rajasthani women prefer to wear it with Rajputi poshak on special occasions such as marriage, Teej, karva chauth festival, etc.





4. Choker –

Choker is a type of tight necklace. It is also called a short necklace. Women like to wear it on saree, Rajput dress, Patiala suit, etc. It is available at a simple price. This is decorated with colorful pearls and is highly popular. Being an accessory, tight necklace Rajputi attire has a lot of charm. The choker is particularly attractive because there is an unlimited number of possible designs and styles.


Indain Necklace
Indain Necklace


5. Besar: Traditional Marathi Wedding Jewelry –



The nose ring, or besar, is a type of jewelry that represents the beauty and culture of Indian women. The tradition of wearing a baser has been a long-standing tradition among Indian women. Besar is among the favorite jewelry pieces of Indian women. It gives a light elegant look that completes any kind of traditional costume. Besar has an ethnic look, paired with a Maharashtra ethnic outfit. It’s half-moon shaped baser can be more in the design and style of the traditional nath of Maharashtra made of artificial materials like metals. Nath is known as “Besar” in Maharashtra and this is the first choice of Marathi women in Maharashtra.


6. Aad –

Aad is considered the pride of Rajputi brides and is the most preferred wedding jewelry in Rajasthan. It is a very essential jewel for brides. In rajputi weddings brides cannot be endowed without Aad. It is similar to the golden colored necklace. Kundan meena aad are most stunning and trendy in the market. We have seen this Bollywood heroines using Aad jewellery in many films such as the Padmavat, Jodha Akbar the royal Aad is used,


Rajasthani Look Aad
Rajasthani Look Aad

 many colors of pearl and stone are used on the cover to make this new look and trendy Aad. Aad complete the traditional bridal look of women.


Wedding Jewelry Aad
Gold Look Aad


7. Potli purse –

In the changing fashion era, the fashion of Potli purse is considered evergreen fashion. Women feel comfortable and easy to carry Potli purses. Often in weddings women use Potli purses. Potli purse is mostly decorated with pearls and panchi kundan. It is dark red, yellow. Golden colored purses are preferred by women.


Potli Purse
Potli Purse


8. Combo Jewellery Set

It is famously called Wedding Jewelry. Rajasthani clothing is adorned with Rajasthani jewellery. Rajasthani women use rakhdi, rajputi nath, jhumka, bajuband, poonchi, loom, sheeshful, hathful, ring, gokhru, etc. The use of these ornaments are important in the Rajput centuries and these jewellery completes the traditional bridal look.


Wedding Jewelry Combo Set
Rajputi Combo Set

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