Rings and Hathphool Beautiful Fingers Jewellery

Rings and Hathphool Beautiful Fingers Jewellery


“Rings and Hathphool give ultimate beauty to finger jewellery in India.”

Hand jewellery plays a vital role in the fashion world to enhance the beauty of women. Elegant stone-studded rings or Hathphool gives a royal look to women’s hands. Hand ornaments are accessories that embellish the hands of women. Both hand jewellery are increasing charm and creating fashion statements.

Mostly common jewellery in India –


  1. Rings
  2. Hathphool / palm bracelet
  3. Metal Kada
  4. Bracelet
  5. Earrings


Both ring and Hathphool have modern designs that bring glamour for fingers.

Having bold and exquisite finger rings add a special touch to your personality. Women choose to have different varieties of hand jewellery to choose. One can wear a ring based on the style one carries with the outfit. You can opt for a small finger ring to have a fashion trend. While larger designs ring are more interesting if it suits your personality.


Women’s hands look beautiful with finger rings and bangles. Kundan rings with unique shape and colour are famous worldwide with embellish designs. They are traditional finger jewellery having a unique design of peacock to make a better look. Traditional rings have small diamond or gold work done during the Mughal era. Stone rings crafted with clusters of small gemstones. Rings are an essential part during engagement occasions in Indian weddings. Various gorgeous shapes and designs are available on a budget. Even beautiful red and pink colour rings match up with Rajasthani Poshak.


In modern times, youngsters prefer to wear gemstone studded rings as per their taste. One can put a single solitaire ring on a casual dress and see the magic of style. Many styles of finger jewelleries like joints of two rings studded with bead, crown shaped or blue stone rings are in the market. Rings are stunning accessories and a perfect choice to wear in any occasion. They are light in weight and comfortable. Unique design rings are the perfect choice to have in your jewellery box.

Hathphool is a multi-ring bracelet jewellery piece. In this type of jewellery, all rings are connected with metal chains to the bracelet. Women wear it on the reverse side of the palm. In India, Hathphool is famous from Rajasthan. Rajputi women get a royal and classy look with it. Various stylish Hathphool designs are available in the Indian fashion market online. Kundan jewellery is ruling the fashion world. A lot of unique designs are available to make hand elegant. It gives a royal feel and design from single to five finger chains.


Rajwadi-combo with Hathphool
Rajwadi combo with Hathphool

Floral Hathphool is usually preferred during pre-wedding ceremonies having acrylic flowers on it. Recently it goes with western outfits also to flaunt the style. Oxidized Hathphool is made from silver oxide metal and has geometric designs. They look outstanding with matching attire. These Hathphool are trending and in high demand in the market. Diamond studded bracelet looks adorable with party attire. Pearl Hathphool came from nawabi culture that gives a traditional elegant look. In Rajasthan, Jadau Hathphool is a well-known Rajputi women jewellery choice. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


“Rings and Hathphool make women’s fingers attractive and graceful.

Wearing a Hathphool with an engagement ring has gained popularity in India. One can wear small finger rings with casual wear. It is considered as classic jewellery of our body part hands. Attractive rings or Hathphool in different designs, colours and shapes are available in online shopping. In India, skilled artisans and fine quality of materials are used to get beautiful jewellery pieces. They are an essential accessory of solah shringar for a bride. Every Indian bride gets a dazzling look with different unique hand accessories.



All we need to have good quality jewellery to enhance your charm. Indian women like to decorate their hands, arms, palms and fingers with fashion statements. One can get sparkling jewellery to increase the beauty of hands by applying traditional hand ornaments. You need to select the right ornaments to decorate your hands. A reasonable price and quality of jewellery with special designs crafted are passed from one generation to another. They have sophisticated designs but with a creative twist to grab the interest of buyers. Having a beautiful hand jewellery collection after spending an amount is an art to carry your look with confidence and in style. You can give gifts to your near family or friends having exquisite designs to strive for a designer piece.

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